We meet every Saturday (unless otherwise stated) 2:30-4:30. Please feel free to come by to observe and find out more information on practices as long as they contact us in advance of attending.


What would I need to start?


Read with close attention the FAQ section, Protocols and Etiquette before come in. If you don't have the kyudogi (uniform) you can wear black or navy sports pants, white socks and white t-shirt/club t-shirt.  


Beginners will be taught the kihontai (fundamental form) and shaho-hassetsu (eight stages of shooting) in the first sessions. Some other knowledge about practising kyudo, including kyudo equipment and dojo protocol will also be covered. Kyudo training requires commitment. As such, the introductory sessions are only meant to provide a general introduction to allow you to decide whether if you want to commit to this practice.

The additional coordinated movements (Tai Hai) and shooting of Kyudo will also take some time. You will then spend the rest of your life getting good at Kyudo.

We suggest you look into purchasing a copy the Kyudo Manual Volume 1: Principles of Shooting (Shaho) Revised Edition. 




Kyudo Manual Volume 1

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